Families at ASURA 2025

Dedicated Parents room at DCC

The ASA supports parents with young children who will be attending the ASURA 2025 in Hobart. A parents’ room has been made available as a viewing room for parents with children. The room provides space for activities and play for children while parents are able to listen to the presentations with the same AV projection.

The will feature amenities including a feeding area, changing table, and food preparation space, all easily accessible.

The room will be opened during conference hours 8am – 5pm daily

What to do in Hobart with the kids?

Will there be a creche at the ASURA 2025 Hobart?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer creche facilities for the ASURA 2025 in Hobart.

Following the impact of COVID-19, there has been a significant decline in the number of childcare providers willing to offer off-site services. Various factors, including insurance and risk management, costs, staff availability, and the provision of necessary equipment, have been cited by these companies as reasons for their reluctance to extend services beyond their premises.

Ensuring the safety of children utilising a creche during an ACE meeting has always been and remains a paramount concern. If we cannot ensure this safety or the quality of service from a provider, we believe it’s in the best interest of delegates and their children not to offer a creche facility.

The Health Care Industry (HCI) exhibition

The Health Care Industry (HCI) exhibition is available to ASURA delegates to network, learn more in regard to medical devices, pharmaceutical and health practices and innovations and to engage with presentations and presenters.

We are committed to creating a safe and productive environment for all people who attend and support our major meetings.  We also acknowledge that the HCI is an extremely busy space with catering, medical equipment and often large numbers of people. 

For delegates who are attending the meeting with a baby, we understand that you may need and want to have the baby with you especially during morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks.

We respectfully request that all young walking-age children please not enter the HCI area due to the presence of medical grade equipment including sharps and other hazardous and loose objects. 

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