2025 Partnership Opportunities


There are many attractive partner, exhibition and advertising opportunities available to increase your company’s brand to your target markets ranging from small to high-level packages. 

Key facts and figures:

  • Connection

    Reach over 400 leading industry professionals and decision-makers

  • Demonstration

    Demonstrate your support and commitment to the advancement of knowledge in this area of anaesthesiology

  • Branding

    Strengthen your brand awareness with your clients

Industry Exhibition

A comprehensive Industry Exhibition will run concurrently with the Congress.  This Exhibition will showcase the latest and best in the anaesthetic industry.

The Congress will provide Partners and Exhibitors with a cost-effective means to:

  • Showcase

    Showcase your latest research and development, innovation, products and services

  • Raise your organisation’s profile

    Raise your organisation’s profile among delegates who are keen to learn more about how you can add value to their profession

  • Increase awareness

    Increase awareness of your organisation’s brand in the fields of anaesthetics

  • Demonstration

    Demonstrate your organisation’s contribution towards the advancement of the field of anaesthetics

  • Reach your potential customers

    Reach beyond your regular network of potential customers by engaging them in a dynamic, pre-qualified and informative environment

Prospectus coming soon!

Partner with us today

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact

Rachel Cannon

ASA Events Specialist

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