Through collaborative efforts, ASURA 2025 aims to inspire change and drive impactful solutions that pave the way for a sustainable and regenerative future. By incorporating sustainable principles throughout the event, we can reduce waste, preserve resources, and motivate participants to embrace environmentally conscious practices:

Key facts and figures:

  • Name badges

    We are opting for recycled bamboo lanyards and eco-friendly name badges made from recyclable paper. We encourage delegates to return their name badges at the conclusion of the conference so that they can be properly recycled.

  • Suppliers

    Our focus is on collaborating with local suppliers with sustainable social and environmental practices to reduce the carbon footprint of the conference.

  • Delegates

    Delegates are encouraged to contribute to sustainable practices in various ways. Opt to off-set attendance by making a small donation during registration, bring own bag, bring own re-usable coffee cup.

  • No single-use items

    The aim is to avoid or reduce single-use items which includes, but is not limited to, coffee cups, exhibition material and delegate collateral.

  • Digital versus paper

    We are reducing the need for printed materials on site by using digital signage and offering a mobile app which includes all program and sponsorship information. We strongly encourage all participants to utilise the conference app and avoid requesting or accepting any printed materials.

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